Funny time at class of Information technologies

Today I was on my university and I had class of Information technologies.  Probably you want to know what University I am going. Well, I am going on University of Information technologies, which is obviously and it is not in United states it is in Europe. I am on first year, so I am not too serious for this. I wll be later.

So what was so funny there. Profesor was talking some basic stuff – or shit, what ever you want – so it was so boring. I mean, who do not know those stuff? Every body knows that. And I wanted to make my self better and to have some fun, so I went on site of one game that I am playing for a long time and I started to play with out knowing of professor. If he knows,  then it will  be big mistake. That game was OurWorld. My also may want to know about gems generator for ourworld,its really amazing tool!

One mate who is sitting with me, told me that I should not do that, because professor can kick me out, but I told him to not worry because he will not see me that I am playing and it will be better for him to play this game with me and not to listen that nonsense. And he did that.  So we were playing about half of hour and we started to laughing and professor heard us. He came to us and asked “boys, what is so funny? Tell to all of us so we can laugh with you.” And we told him that nothing is funny and that we are sorry. He told to us if that happens one more time that he will kick us from the class. But we did not stopped with playing, because we were to exiting with playing and we continued.

Sorry because I did not told you nothing about game, but I will, maybe there is someone who do not know nothing about this game. OurWorld is the most interesting browser roleplaye multiplayer game that I have ever played. You can do there a lot of stuff like in real life, to go out, make friends, find a girlfriend or if you are girl you can find your soul mate – boyfriend – and much more. I ussualy have some fun there with my real friends and we do some stupid thing, because we now that we can be in problems if we do that in real life. So I will not tell you more about this game, just go there and research by yourself.

ourworld spaceship

So let me finish with my story… We continued with playing and we met some guy from Nevada, he was trying to make some friends and we helped him. Why not, always help to people, in real life or in game. So we went to some bar and started with playing ball pool and other games, then some girls arrived and we started with funny things and we laugh again. Profesor heard that again and guess what happened. Last what we heard on that class was – Guys, be polite and leave this class for today.

We tried to stay, but he did not want to hear about that, so guys, play OurWorld on class, but be serious, if you can and laugh because professor will hear you and kick you out like he did with us.

Blog about anything!

Blogging can be a lot of fun,but only if you are doing it about something you are passionate about. For example,if you are into cars,and start blog about it,you will have fun,and even if you fail you will still have fun. But if for example you don’t like pc games,and start blog about it,readers will be able to see that. This will leave you having no fun in your life whatsoever…

That is why you will need to be passionate about two things when you are starting a blog!

You need to love to write. There will be much writing and that is reason why you would want to do it yourself. Paying somebody to write instead of you can be a pain in a**,and once smart man said,if you want to do something right,do it yourself. And he is right. I have friend that is very stupid,he keeps saying he won’t take money from some women for website,but other guy did,and he is now richer then him,and that friend takes money for his car from his dad. Which just sucks. Lol,he is so stupid about some things,he doesn’t understand that if you want to achieve something in your life you need to fight for it,you need to beat other people at it,there is explanation if you don’t do this! Go and take it,if you need fight for it and be better then other bloggers,but trust me,you will have a lot of fun doing this! Now,next time that you would want to do is number 2 on this list and here it goes.
2. You will need to love what you are doing. You can’t just start it for money. For example I am doing Internet Marketing as my job,and I have money,at least for the country in which I live. I am now going to buy some good car,that other people can only dream about. I am fighting for myself,I do steal from others,but I am happy about that,people are just to stupid,that is reason most of them don’t have any money what so ever.

You can be succesful,don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t,but you need to work for it. You need to work smart,not hard! Don’t waste money,don’t live in usa,it is most stupid place in the world and I would never live there because most americans are retards and stupid. Europe is best ever and if you are not living in it you are making one big mistake.

I will talk more how you can start your business and make some money so you can be sucessful in your life as well!

That is all for today and I you better like my blog or I will beat your a**!